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4x4 Required

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The view lives up to the name. We could sit for days watching the morning fog. Excellent stay. (View Details)

The Johnson's

Lovely place, amazing views. We stayed at a different place that had an arcade machine last year so our kids requested one be bought for the game room next year! But this view was much better. Driving in a Toyota Highlander was a harrowing & nightmarish experience. TRUCK IS 100& Ne/e/d/ed. But after the white-knuckle drive there...it almost warranted the experience and view within. Great property, amazing experience! (View Details)


Most relaxing trip we have ever taken. Wanted a short trip from our home in Cullman, Alabama, and wanted to avoid the huge crowds of Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg. In doing a search we stumbled across Mountain Top and found this cabin. We have never stayed in a cabin that needed NOTHING. Usually we spend our first evening figuring out how many light bulbs are blown and how many batteries to buy so the remote controls work. Not only did the management see that everything works, the owners provide bulbs and batteries! I know that's a small thing but it just shows the care that the owners and management provide for the tenants. This is an outstanding cabin and the most relaxing stay we have ever experienced. It's hard to be a cool night, roaring fire in outside fireplace and NCAA Elite 8 basketball on the outside TV. Dad never wanted to come inside. Just to be clear, the driveway up to the cabin which according to the signs runs along the boundary of the National Forrest is no joke but adds to the adventure. You WILL need 4x4 vehicles! Great, great cabin. Will definitely return. (View Details)

The Smith Family

The cabin was perfect and relaxing but when you say 4x4 required, you are not kidding!! We will be back! And will bring our 4x4 again!!! (View Details)

Steve Smith

What a spectacular cabin and view!! We are from Washington so we were fine with the road (we go to jeep climbs alot) but my wifes parents from florida we not comfortable driving the narrow road. They rented a 4x4 and I had to coach them all week on just commiting and not stopping half way up the mountain. The cabin says online you need 4x4, so unless you have a 4x4 and KNOW how to use it you wont enjoy getting there. Again, it was nothing for me but my parents in law wouldn't have mastered it without our coaching. And they were the ones who insisted we rent this property and said they wont be afraid to drive a 4x4 up it haha Absolutely beautiful cabins and we will be making this our annual cabin to rent. Excellent customer service and extremely clean cabin (my wife is a clean freak) so this cabin was perfect for us. Thanks MT tops! (View Details)


GORGEOUS CABIN and the most incredible view in the world.the road is just as they describe in the description, it was steep and winding across the mountain for the last bit of the cabin journey. We are from the mtns in NC so we are used to higher elevations and had no issue. Well equipt cabin and made us feel like we were in heaven. only about 15 minutes from Downtown also (View Details)

L. Dene

Great place (View Details)