Alicia Gibson

• Favorite local dish(es): 
Sue's hamburger basket with coke, Chicken and Dumplings from Southern Charm Restaurant with unsweet tea/lemon

• Favorite local activities/festivals:
Arts in the Park, Fire and Ice Chili Cook Off

• Area/Town of your from/grew up?

• Hobbies/Activities outside of office life? 
Pilates, Arts & Crafts, and any 5k!

• Favorite Local Charities:
Paws in the Park, Toys for Tots

• Spirit Animal:
A Butterfly 

• Favorite TV Show(s):
Golden girls, The Carol Burnett Show, and Baking Wars!

• Favorite Magazine(s)/Book
The Tudors 

• Year Started at Mountain Top Cabin Rentals?

• How do you describe working at Mountain Top Cabin Rentals and what sets our company a part?
Positive work atmosphere and we are a well organized team!