Delita Taylor
Property Care Coordinator

• Favorite local dish(es): 
Wings from Chester Brunnenmeyer's at my favorite! You can never go wrong with a burger from Sue's, its a local staple.. I love the Pink Pig's Garlic Salad is to die for!

• Favorite local activities/festivals:
Blues and BBQ is my favorite festival, so much fun, music and good food! I love horseback riding. I also love the Swan Drive In and relaxing on the Toccoa River.

• Area/Town of your from/grew up?
Mineral Bluff, about 10 minutes or so from Downtown Blue Ridge.

• Hobbies/Activities outside of office life? 
I enjoy canning fruits and vegetables, spendng time with husband, my children, and grandchildren. I love to entertain and cook out on the weekends with our friends and family.

• Favorite Local Charities:
Snack in a Backpack

• Spirit Animal:
Dragonfly - as it carries with it the wisdom of change and learning through experience and harmony.

• Favorite TV Show(s):
The Waltons is my favorite, I feel like they are my family! The Originals, which was based in New Orleans. We got to visit New Orleans this past April and I loved seeing some famous filming sites! Match Game is my favorite game show, it always takes me back to my childhood. And I do love a good crime show like CSI.

• Favorite Magazine(s)/Book
The Bible is my favorite book, which is what I base my faith on and live my life by. I also love recipes and cooking magazines because I love to cook and grill! 

• Year Started at Mountain Top Cabin Rentals?

• How do you describe working at Mountain Top Cabin Rentals and what sets our company a part?
Being a part of the Mountain Top team completes me, as funny as that sounds. I have a wonderful family and after I started here I gained a wonderful work family. I value how we take care of the properties offered and customers that chose to stay in our beautiful town.