Tiffany Stanley

• Favorite local dish(es): 
Chester Brunnermeyers Shrimp & Grits, Black Sheep Wedge, and "The Mystic" at Mystic Mountain Pizza.. It's their signature pizza and is amazing!

• Favorite local activities/festivals:
Arts in the Park, exploring the mountains in jeeps with our friends and family, swimming in Lake Blue Ridge, and bowling.

• Area/Town of your from/grew up?
Epworth/Highway 2 Area, about 15 minutes from Blue Ridge.

• Hobbies/Activities outside of office life? 
I love to spend time with my children, husband and all our family and friends! We love to entertain and are all big football fans and love to cook out on the weekends watching the games. We also get together in the winter for bonfires and grilling. 

• Favorite Local Charities:
Snack in a Back Pack, Camp Sunshine. 

• Spirit Animal:
A Wolf.

• Favorite TV Show(s):
Frank & Gracie, NCIS, and This is Us

• Favorite Magazine(s)/Book
The Bible, cooking/recipe magazines and home goods magazines. 

• Year Started at Mountain Top Cabin Rentals?

• How do you describe working at Mountain Top Cabin Rentals and what sets our company a part?
We are a family not just co-workers. We always strive to put the customer first and offer excellent customer service!